Hemodialysis Machine

Nikkiso DBB 27

Product Description:

Nikkiso DBB 27 Hemodialysis Machine for Acetate/Bicarb dialysis/volume controlled UF and conductivity profiling with 12 .1-inch touch screen operative panel with built-in Patient storage facility. The compact design offers comfort to the patient during a treatment. The 12.1-inch colour LCD touch screen provides a user friendly interface with useful status icons. With a user-friendly interface and numerous safety precautions such as continuous monitoring of pumps and valves during treatment and detectors for blood, air bubble and blood tubing lines, the device can be easily maintained by semi-professionals.

  • Sleek Design
  • Operative Panel
  • Less Power Consumption per Dialysis
  • Low Disinfection Consumption
  • Patient data storage
  • Additional NIBP measurement

Technical Specifications:

  • Occupies very less space (Specifications: H122cmXW30cmXD37cm)
  • Power consumption: 1.66 units (including heat rinse) per dialysis
  • Minimal usage (special duplex pump hydraulics) per cleaning
  • No separate manual record required. In built system records for up to 16 patients
  • Nikkiso NIBP module – active BPM with Bio-feedback signal activation
  • Self-Test of Microcomputer, Blood monitor and UFRC
  • TMP auto-forecast monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring for discharge value of Duplex & UF Pump
  • Continuous monitoring for open-close of solenoid valve


  • More cost saving per sq. ft.
  • Less consumption of electricity
  • Safety: clinically benefitted because of BP linked with UF signals -Safety
  • Simple operation
  • Needs only less maintenance
  • Easy to access critical internal components
  • Easy to check the hydraulic parts action
  • Self-test history
  • Operation history
  • Reminder of preventive maintenance kit replacement period