The Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing System can be used to reuse dialyzers with great safety upto 10-12 times. The inbuilt pressure test ensures membrane integrity by rejecting any dialyzer with even the slightest membrane leak and the volume test ensures Dialyzer efficiency by rejecting any dialyzer with less than 80% bundle volume. These safety protocols ensure that there is never any compromise made with the quality.

The machine comes with an inbuilt printer to print the result of each reprocessing for validation of dialyzer reuse data. It also comes with the memory to store the data of over 1000 patients. The double station reprocessing machine can reprocess 2 dialyzers simultaneously in less than 12 minutes.

The Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing System uses a comprehensive reverse UF technique to clean the dialyzers. The machine rejects any dialyzer that is unfit for use and cleans the dialyzers that are fit to use in a precise and tested way that cannot be achieved by manual cleaning. Once this is done, the patient data is stored and can be verified anytime. The data can be transferred easily via email so it can be monitored remotely to ensure the dialyzers used are validated.

Technical Requirements:

  • Water Requirement - Requires R.O. water as per AAMI/ANSI Standard
  • Inlet Pressure - Requires 30-55 psi

Disinfectant Use:

Renaclean Cold Sterilant Concentration 3.5%
Volume Required 53ml per Cycle for two dialyzers
Max. Pump Distance 1 Meter

Dialyzer Testing:

Pressure Test 340mm Hg pressure applied on the blood side for 30 Sec. Pressure drop should be less than 8% for low flux dialyzer, 10% for middle flux dialyzer and 12% for high flux dialyzer to pass the pressure test.
Volume Fail Limit Automatically set at 80% of dialyzer's original priming volume
Volume Test Scope 0-255ml (accuracy: +3ml)
Reprocessing Time 12 minutes for two dialyzers at a time