The RENABAG haemodialysis bicarbonate bag is the safest and most convenient way to administer bicarbonate during dialysis treatment while ensuring quality dialysis and saving cost of manpower associated with traditional manual way of diluting the bicarbonate powder.

    Instruction for Use:
  • Inspect for damage or leak before use. Do not use if found damaged .
  • Used in combination with Part A, at dilution ratio set according to part A formula.
  • Discard bag after use.
  • Renabag can be stored at room temperature.
Online Preparation of Concentrate

In traditional ways of conducting dialysis, the Part B is often manually mixed with water some time before connecting it to the Dialysis machine. The Sodium Bicarbonate thus loses efficacy by turning into Carbonate over time.

Online preparation using bicarbonate cartridge eliminates this risk, ensuring safe and effective dialysis treatment.


Saves manpower as there is no need to conduct time consuming, laborious manual mixing.

Eliminates microbial growth often associated with storage, thus ensuring safer dialysis.

Effortless to use.

Less storage space required.

Available in sizes of 600/650gms for single dialysis as well as 900/950 gms for two dialysis thus avoiding need to remove and reinstall post each dialysis.

• Non- Sterile.

• Shelf Life of 3 Years.

• Environmentally Friendly.

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