Trivitron Dialysers

Product Description:

A Complete range of Low Flux Polyethersulfone Hollow Fibre Dialysers and High Flux Polysulfone Hollow Fibre.

  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Stronger ability to remove toxins
  • High clearance rate of the molecules with small molecular weight
  • Better anticoagulant property

3D microwave structure:

The 3-dimensional microwave structure of the fibre ensures uniform radial dialysate flow around each fibre within the bundle by preventing fluid channelling, increasing contact area and time thereby further enhancing clearance values and improving the overall performance

Ultrasonic bonding:

Ultrasonic bonding of the cap, avoid blood and dialysate leakage

Smooth inject port:

Smooth dialysate inject port that is dialysis machine connector friendly

Designed Fibre Thickness & Diameter:

The designed fibre thickness makes high ultrafiltration and clearance Smooth Inner Surface Extremely Smooth Inner Surface improves the blood compatibility as well as biocompatibility.

Specific Pore Diameter:

The Specific Pore Diameter in inner surface ensures the removal of broad range of middle molecules as well as low molecular weight substances, at the same time retain beneficial molecules like albumin.

D-Shape Ring:

The D-Shape Ring improves the blood shear stress at the edge and prevents the blood residual effectively

Transparent Cap:

Transparent cap allows to see blood residuals clearly after hemodialysis