Renaclean Cold Sterilant is stabilized peracetic acid used as a cleaning agent. The concentration of peracetic acid in Renaclean is sufficient not only to react with the cell walls proteins, but also to penetrate into the interior of the cells, thus oxidising all protein contents.

Renaclean is biodegradable so it breaks down into oxygen, acetic acid and water which make it an environmentally friendly and sustainable sterilant.


  • Hydrogen peroxide: 21% w/w
  • Peracetic acid: 4% w/w
  • Acetic acid: 10% w/w

Shelf Life

12 Months from date of manufacture


  • Cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing Dialyzer/Bloodline for reuse
  • Disinfecting and effectively cleaning bio-film and calcium precipitates to reduce Haemodialysis machine breakdown
  • Can be used as a disinfectant in any dialyzer reprocessing machine as well as for manual reuse


Broad Spectrum
  • Kills bacteria, fungus and yeast
  • Effective against non-tuberculosis mycobacterium (Including HIV), viruses (Including Hepatitis) and spores at low temperature & low concentration
  • More effective than formaldehyde, ethanol and sodium hydroxide (these kill most bacteria and some spores but not all microorganisms
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Simple to dilute and use
  • Acts quickly and effectively
  • Glutaraldehyde free

Cost Effective

  • Almost equivalent in cost to the combined cost of conventionally available chemicals
  • Available at 1/3 rd the cost of imported cold Sterilant


  • Discharges to drain where it breaks down into oxygen, acetic acid and water